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Ideally the hunt for a caterer begins right after you secure a location for your wedding, corporate business event or party. However, it’s not uncommon to be strapped for time, which makes My Caterer an even more valuable tool for finding the right caterer for your event fast. No matter where your event, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane or Perth we will find you the right catering company to suit your needs.

Event caterers should be able to propose menus and make estimates of cost, you should receive quotes fairly quickly as the companies will all be local and look forward to receiving email requests. These proposals are almost always on a price-per-guest basis and specific to your individual requests. It’s not uncommon for a caterer to give you a list of optional catering extras, but keep in mind these are just that – optional. Always be sure to clarify with your caterer what is and is not included and for simplicity sake, it’s best to look at similar menus and services when comparing quote to quote, that is why My Caterer is so good – we give you everything that you need so you don’t need to do all this extra work.

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My Caterer offers free catering advise for your office or private Christmas party. We operate in Australia, covering the entire metropolitan area out as far as the Blue Mountains as well as the south coast and central coast regions of New South Wales. To get you started on your planning we have listed several of the Sydney caterers who we have worked with and who we can highly recommend.

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